Can Cleaning Make You Happy

Can Cleaning Make You Happy?

Usually cleaning is referred to as one of the most unpleasant, and tiring domestic chores, but have you asked yourself this simple question: Can cleaning make you happy? Surprisingly, researches indicate that the answer is positive. An “inverse association between stress and housework” really exist, at least on paper.

Still, you don’t need scientist with fancy titles to assure you that a neat, clean, and de-cluttered house will improve your mood, but can you admit that grabbing the broom and sweeping the floor can make you happier? Personally, I find it hard to believe, but as they say – “different strokes for different folks”. To find out, I suggest you do a little experiment:

Instead of putting all your energy into figuring out how to postpone the inevitable deep cleaning of your home, or even how to squeeze hiring professional cleaners Putney in your budget, right after you finish reading this post, stand up, and get down to business.

Firstly, play some energizing music, and start dancing. While you are moving to the rhythm, grab the vacuum cleaner, and “dance with it”. It might be the “wrong way” to start cleaning, but if it feels right for you – who is to say you shouldn’t do it. When you finish, you can get a cloth and some cleaner and challenge the window cleaning, you have been neglecting to do.

If you are getting more and more excited, let your hands and feet guide you, they know more than you would imagine about your cleaning routine. Sometimes, shutting off your brain when cleaning is all you will need, in order to get motivated. Once that cranky little voice I your head quits telling you how tiring it would be to clean up everywhere, or how much efforts you will have to put in, a great deal of the pressure you were feeling will simply disappear.

These guys agree that the most important aspect of cleaning your home is your attitude towards it. If you start cleaning, simply because you feel pressured to do it, nothing will be able to cheer you up. However, if you do it, just because it feels right, cleaning CAN make you happy:

  • You CAN work off some of that stress you have been suffering from.
  • You CAN start feeling better about how your home looks.
  • You CAN even feel better about yourself, as you have done a great job.

To sum up, I do believe in positive attitude, and the miracles it can do not only to improve your mood, but also to keep your house clean and tidy, well organised, and most importantly – make you feel proud of yourself!

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