About Us

Hello, Ladies!
My name is Nia Greenwood and I will be coaching your journey to living simply, healthy and stylish!
Let’s Clean Up is on a mission to help you be the modern housewife you have always wanted to be! You know which type I’m talking about: businesswoman during work hours, loving mother and wife 24/7 and dazzling hostess when guests arrive. I will help you organize your schedule, keep your home tidy at all times, and get your family to help you with your chores.
The amazing team of authors I have assembled will do much more than simply give you ideas on how to clean your home. They will write about home improvement, interesting DIY projects, how to implement budget-friendly solutions, and stay green at the same time.

We are going on an adventure exploring the secrets to a stress-free and happy life, and we would like you to join us! Let’s have fun together, and … let’s clean up!!!