Cupcakes With Love

Cupcakes Made With Love

Love cupcakes

Valentine’s Day is supposedly the most romantic day of the year, when every couple has an excuse to be ridiculously cute, and demonstrate their love openly without anyone rolling their eyes at them… even the poor sad single people, who are forced to go through the loneliest day of the year without complaints. The dualism of the holiday got me thinking about what is the best Valentine’s Day present, and one that you can also share with your single friend, and cheer her up… My decision – cupcakes with love.

There is something about cupcakes that makes them irresistible to both genders. They are small, or not that small, sweet and taste heavenly. Furthermore, with the latest Pinterest mania, people have been sharing pictures, recipes and ideas how to make the most delicious and romantic cupcakes, one has ever seen.

Why gifting cupcakes with love?

First of all, thanks to all the mixtures, sold in the stores, you don’t have to be a living, breading chef to bake them. As far as the decoration is concerned, the sky is your limit. You can make your sweet gift personalized by decorating the treats to look like your loved one’s favourite animals, create a movie-themed set, or just go with Valentine’s signature red.

How to Gift Your Cupcakes with Love?

The act of wrapping, and gifting your Valentine’s Day present is just as important as the gitf itself, so you need to choose your timing wisely. Some of you might want to see the smile on your loved one’s face as soon as she wakes up in the morning, so serving a romantic breakfast in bed might be the best solution (even though it might mean getting up at an uncanny hour – 14th of February is on Thursday). Keep in mind that making a breakfast in bed will most likely result in many stains, and a real mess in the kitchen, warn our friends at Cleaners Kensington.

Others might want to make a public statement with their love. In that case, buying or making a cupcake bouquet, and sending it to your sweetheart’s office is a fabulous idea. It will not only make her happy, but will probably be the most romantic gesture any of her colleagues have ever seen. Furthermore, she will be able to either enjoy and share the cupcakes with everyone in the office or she might choose to save the bouquet, and have at it in the evening with you.

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