Fighting Back The Army of Chinese Food Stains

Fighting Back The Army of Chinese Food Stains

My fear is far more concerning than fighting some extra kilos. What I fear the most is going into an unexpected battle with the armies of Chinese food stains. These extra greasy protein stains are an opponent that needs much more than expert Kung Fu skills to take down. Skills far more different than an simple sponge handling are required. Classic weapons, like liquid dish soap or a bit of upholstery shampoo, are powerless in front of the might of a Chinese stain.

China is not only the most populated place on Earth. Many other stories hide behind the name of this country. Did you know that one of the food that leaves the scariest stains is told to be Chinese food. Their forces are strong, but we must have something to fight them back right? So how could you win a war with China?

It simpler than it seems. At first glance, a spicy Chinese food stain may seem to have settled on your clothes forever, but reality can be much more surprising. As every different enemy, diverse types of stains have that one thing that makes them week. If the fabric allows it, you can use Hydrogen Peroxide mixed with water in a 50:50 ratio to dissolve and completely remove the stains. Remember, you have to make sure you are using color-safe detergent. In more complex situations these stains will require much more scrubbing and batting than usually, but they will eventually come off. When things seem too much for a single hero to handle, I always rely on my dear friends from the stain fighting army of the expert cleaners from Bentleigh East . They’ve helped me many times when I was questioning my skills and knowledge, and we always won the fight.

There is no enemy you can’t fight back, there are only methods and tactics that works best in different situations. So next time a wild Chinese food stain appears on the sacred lands of your carpet and upholstery you can fight it with the new things you learned today.

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