How to Decorate Your First Home as a Couple

How to Decorate Your First Home as a Couple

Finally it’s that time when the two of you have found the place where you will start living together as a couple. It’s your new future home and there is nothing to worry about, you will have no problems with decorating it and turning it to a little Heaven that says “we are together”. Here are five great decorating tips and tricks that will help you have a stress-free process of making your first common house – your first home!

Get used to think of you both as “we”

The first step of your life together as a couple will be replacing the words “yours” and “mine”. Starting to think of you both as “we” and your common things such as your shared space as “ours” is sometimes a challenge, but always necessary. Making all the decisions together and taking both opinions about the way your future house should look like is very important – and this includes everything – from merging your preferred styles and décor ideas to making compromises and choosing a design that both of you feel comfortable with and happy to have. Take time to discuss your personal styles and don’t forget to work as a team. If it’s not possible to combine your views about everything in the house, it’s a good decision to create little individual zones – such as a man’s sport zone and a woman’s plotting area. Now, you will both have your little zone dedicated to the things you like to do.

Go to a garage sale

Now, that you have bought your first home as a couple, you are at the limit of your budget, so don’t spend money on buying expensive home accessories or decorations. There are many helpful and quality things on garage sales. Go there and find what you need and don’t think that something, that have already been used, is not a well-working one. In fact, there is a great chance to find unique and very special things at these little garage sales. And the best part is that they fit to your budget.

Do one step at a time

Don’t think that entering your new home requires upgrading it from the top to bottom. Stick to your budget and begin the process from pieces you will need at a first place such as furniture and kitchen appliances. Don’t count on modern and trendy staff, choose timeless designs that you will both like and will use for a very long time. Furniture and most of the kitchen appliances are too expensive and always a big investment, that’s why oven cleaning Melbourne services advise you to look for those things on IKEA or home improvement stores with affordable prices.

Look at it as a journey

It’s a moment of your life you will always remember, so all the time look at the bright side and enjoy the process. Experiment with the colours, patterns and textures both of you like, take pictures at the decorating process and feel yourself as going on an adventure. All in all, it’s important how you will feel in your home, it should make you happy and comfortable living together, so make it memorable and cozy!

Make the space your own

Decorate your place the way it will easily represents you both who you are. You can make a little décor places with your pictures or places you both love. Remember that the more “yours” the place become, the more you will both feel love in the air. And don’t forget to learn how to decorate a baby’s nursery, when you face that special moment in your life!

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