Sweetheart Gifts Dos and Don’ts

Sweetheart Gifts: Dos and Don’ts

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Whether you are shopping forChristmas, a birthday, Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, you are bound to face the problem of coming up with a great sweetheart gift. However, what never seizes to amaze me is how some people, no matter how devoted they are to their partner, can’t seem to grasp the concept of sweetheart gifts – the dos and don’ts.

It is true that gift giving has become somewhat of an art, if not a science, and a gift can even make or break the outline of your entire relationship. Considering all of this, you need to be very careful when, how and what you decide to give to your dear one when a holiday arrives. If you are at a loss of what is proper, and what not, when it is time to make the purchase, here are some basic dos and don’ts you would want to take into account, unless you are 100% sure your present is NEVER going to upset your lover:

1. Don’t Shop Last-minute

Leaving the purchase of the gift for the last possible moment is one of the worst possible scenarios. There is a very high chance you won’t be able to come up with something “good”, the designated present will require more than one day to be shipped, have it engraved, custom-made and etc. Give yourself at least a week to look for something nice that will make your sweetheart happy.

2. Don’t Buy Anything That Can Be Connected with Weight Loss

Nothing can upset your partner more than a present that has even a distant connection to weight loss – fitness membership (ohh NO), exercise equipment, training gear, the latest diet book, appointment with a dietitian, low-fat food plan and so on are amongst the worst “brilliant” ideas you could ever come up with. While we are at it, sinkers also belong to the unacceptable pile, unless your dear one has specifically indicated that he/ she wants a pair. Extend the ban of the weight loss gifts to animal-themed pyjamas, sweatshirts, T-shirts, and, yes, underwear.

3. Don’t Shop for Yourself

The art of giving a gift dictates that you get your sweetheart something that will make him/ her happy, not you. If you are a basketball fan, and you want to go to the game of the season, don’t get the expensive front-row tickets, and give them to your partner, who, by the way, has no interest in sports, and will be bored to death at the game. The same applies to sexy lingerie, clothing that you would like your dear one to wear, even though it is not really his/ her style.

4. Don’t Go All Practical With the Present

Getting a new pan might be a long-due necessity, but it is not what your sweetheart would want to receive from you. According to professionals at Cleaning Kensington, getting your dear one a new set of pots and pans, or a vacuum cleaner is one of the greatest mistakes you could make. Just think about it, would you like to receive a mixer for your anniversary – one would expect something more personal, and romantic, right?

5. Do Preserve the Receipts

When buying clothing, shoes or even a piece of jewellery, you ought to keep the receipts. There is always the slight possibility that your sweetheart might not like what you have bought or you have gotten the wrong size, so try to be prepared, and don’t get upset, if he/ she doesn’t like the present. You would also do yourself a favour by removing the price tag – no one likes to know that their gift was purchased at the retail sale on 50% off.

6. Do Write a Card

Sometimes, even if your gift isn’t the poster child for originality, a well-written personal message on a beautiful card will make it special. Furthermore, you only have to buy one a couple of times a year, so it is not that big of a nuisance to make him/ her feel special with a nice dedication.

7. Do Wrap the Gift

Buying a gift bag is always easier (and cheaper) than having the present wrapped, or, even better, do it yourself. A gift presented in a beautiful package is better regarded than one in a bag, so make the effort to take the extra step.

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