Why Hating Mondays is Perfectly Normal

Why Hating Mondays is Perfectly Normal


You wake up and you feel, as if your vital force has been sucked out of you… You have no desire to get out of bed, yet you realise with a brutal clarity that you MUST… You feel more demotivated than ever to go to work, and still you force yourself to do it… Those are just a few of the reasons why hating Mondays is perfectly normal.

Why Monday is so Harsh on Us?

To be honest, for me Monday mornings are the worst! I believe it is due to the shock your entire systems goes through. From ultimate relaxation, sleeping in and just doing what you love, you are bound to wake up on the Monday morning and bump heads with reality… and it is never pleasant.

Since most of us are creatures of habit, we tend to get used to a certain regime and follow it, therefore, sometimes, it is difficult to sleep in during the weekend, as you have trained yourself to get up in time for work. Nevertheless, most of us wake up and then fall back asleep. Just when you have had two perfectly good days to get used to a couple of extra hours of sleep… BAM… Monday comes right back and makes you change your rhythm once again.

… and so the tedious cycle goes on and on …and you despise the first day of the week more and more..

How to Fight the “Monday Hatred”?

There are numerous way to battle the odd feeling of being displeased that the weekend has ended. You can either opt for the lazy perspective of having a perfectly calm (if somewhat boring) evening and go to bed early. Not only will you get the vital and oh-so-needed rest, but you will also be ready to jump-start your week. However, this solution is not that great as you will have to sacrifice a few perfectly good hours, you could otherwise spend with friends clubbing or even doing some housework – just because you can.

Speaking of chores, I strongly recommend delegating your cleaning duties to professional cleaners in Docklands. There is something utterly bothersome in spending your precious spare time doing housework – cleaning in particular. Even if you are doing it just for the sake of bragging to your colleagues that you didn’t have to lift a finger to dust or vacuum.

While Mondays tend to be more than annoying, they are “a necessary evil“. The best way to fight your “Monday hatred” is to use positive attitude. Focus on the great stuff you have experienced over the weekend and cling to the warming feeling until Friday arrives!

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